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::Prolong Period Steam Blend::

::Prolong Period Steam Blend::

Intentional mixture to help with periods that last longer than 5-7 days (prolong periods). This steam blend consists of 7 herbs- chosen due to their healing properties and benefits relating to menstrual bleeding time.


Herbs included in this blend are: 

- Fennel Seeds

- Yarrow

- Vitex

- Cinnamon

- Raspberry Leaves

- Roses

- Calendula


Each pack will serve for 2 steams or baths. 

***Instructions are provided on package. 

DO NOT USE: If you are pregnant, during your period or while bleeding. If you have a piercing in your vulva, remove if possible before steaming. 


This product may be expecially helpful those with endometriosis,  and fibroids, those with painful periods, pelvic pain, tension in the pelvic area, constipation, hemorrhoids may also benefite greatly from this mix. It may also support the body as you deal with infertility, fertility and conception prep. 

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