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"Waistbeads are to the waist as crowns are to the head." - Daneia G. Jones

They are a powerful tool, made of beads of any kind and a strong that holds the beads together and also around you. 

Waistbeads serve may purposes, We cannot define "waistbeads" without touching on some history. 

Waistbeads were worn by ancient matriarchs across the African continent. This is the reason a lot of women feel more connected to their African roots when wearing waistbeads, especially the tie-on/permanent ones.  


Different tribes in different African countries associated different meanings to their waistbeadsbeads;

- some tied on waistbeads to their newborn female child to acknoledge the feminine energy of this female person. 

- Some gifted a girl with waistbeads when she has her first period as a symbol of her stepping into womanhood.

- Some gifted women who were about to be married, as they stimulate men and beautifies one of the most feminine and sensitive areas of the woman's body. In the same breathe, many only allow their lover(s) to see their waistbeads, as they are sensually arousing, and so they remain under their clothes.  

- They were also used to hold their clothes in place, anchoring their covering to their waist or just above their hips.

- Waistbeads were used to track the increase in weight in the abdominal area, allowing women to know when they are with child,, sometimes before their tummy has gotten to an obvious size. With this principle, women today are using waistbeads to help track their weight loss and/or gain as they embark on their weight journey.

- Waistbeads play nicely upon the soft and rough curves of women, no wonder many praised and loved the way they accentuate a woman's body, both back then and now.

Let's Brace It! 

It is good to do some research on the creators and their practices/rituals with waistbeads before ordering waistbeads as some may have "energies" or "spells" attached to them. 

Let's Brace It! does not use altars of any kind, neither do we use Florida Wata, spells or anything of the sort on our waistbeads and other jewellery. 

Our main aim in fashioning beautiful waistbeads is t0 provide women with beautiful pieces to adorn their bodies while they use them while they attain their own goal(s).


How are Let's Brace It!'s Waistbeads Different From Others?

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, sourcing and using great quality beads, strings and other material. 

Each strand is lovingly handmade- bead by bead- by me, Daneia, with great intentions, focus and care, then packaged with beautiful ribbons, a message and/or a form of gratitude.  

A quick prayer is said over each package that the contents will do for the receiver whatever they desire.  

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