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Daneia G. Jones


Hi queens!

I am Daneia G. Jones, the founder of Let’s Brace It! I enjoy life! I love being with positive company and I also thoroughly enjoy solitude. I am pretty ‘artsy’, I like to make jewellery. I love beads and I am crazy about waistbeads! When I am not busy with waistbeads and Let’s Brace It!, I am sleeping, cooking, exploring outdoors, watching movies or studying.

I have been interested in waistbeads since my first one, which was gifted to me by my close college friend, Kona Musa-Palmer (from Sierra Leone- West Africa). My fascination lead to me do research. My excitement pushed me to share my knowledge and experience with the women in my family, as well as to and make and gift them with intentional, handmade waistbeads. 


 Waistbeads have helped me to love my body in a way that is personal and unique. It’s the love that seems to have had no beginning and has no end to it. They have also helped me to express my sexuality and femininity, “growing up”, through my own eyes, I didn't get the sense that a young lady who is deeply-rooted in Christendom was allowed to explore and know herself or to explore her sexuality on a level that I wanted. I found it hard to balance embracing and celebrate my sexuality and femininity with being a “good Christian girl”. I was introduced to waistbeads and it filled every gap and answered many questions I had concerning those inconsistences. I was able to have a personal and innocent journey with embracing the different aspects of me, and this gave me much peace. It’s as if waistbeads held together all the loose ends and parts of me and helped me to become one with and in myself.

I have been fashioning waistbeads for women- for over 7 years, in hope of helping queens to embrace themselves, while they celebrate themselves. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to being a part of celebrating yourself. 

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