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How Do I Tie The Tie-On Waistbeads?

You will see there is a single bead tied on either end of the strand, there is also a loop on either end of your strand of waistbeads.


  1. Pull on the single bead on one end of the strand, until the knot loosens.

  2. Wrap the strand around you just about where you'd like for the waistbeads to rest.

  3. Hold close to each end of the strand with each hand.

  4. Bring the string together to where you have enough beads that will allow the waistbeads to sit exactly where you would like it to rest on you.

  5. At this spot where the string overlaps, place one side over the other. Bring that same string around the other again.

  6. Make a knot with the string, as tightly as possible and as close as possible to the beads.

  7. Make 2 more knots.

  8. Place a small dab of nail polish (preferably clear) on the knot.

  9. With a sharp pair of scissors, cut the string as close to the knot as possible. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT THE KNOT.

  10. For added security, coat the knot and ends of the string with a layer of nail polish.

  11. Hold knot off the skin to dry for about 2 minutes.


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