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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take custom orders? 

Yes, we sure do. There is a listing under each category for custom order.
Please read the instructions carefully, and provide all details.

2. How do I care for my waistbeads?

While your waistbeads are made of high quality material; consider them as part of your body. Be gentle with them, treat them as you would your body.

If you are storing them, please do so in a dry, clean area and away from sharp edges and heat.

3. Which color(s) should I get?

There is no wrong or right colour(s) to get where waistbeads are concerned.

There are different approaches that can be taken when selecting colour(s) for waistbeads. 

1. You can choose to go with your favourite colour(s). You can even assign your own intentions and meaning to the colours you choose. 

2. You can choose based on the psychology of colours;  assigning emotions or intentions that you would like to attract.

* Red- romance, passion, strength, power, aggressive. 

* Orange- warm, flamboyant, vibrant, enthusiastic.

* Yellow- hopeful, optimistic, pleasant, cheerful, intelligent.

* Blue- calm, peaceful, dependable, stable.

* Green- fresh, fertile, protected, balance, harmonious, jealous, selfish.

* Purple- royalty, wisdom, dignity, mystery, extravagant.

* Pink- sensual, romance.

* Black- power, elegance, secretive, mysterious, dominance.

* White- conservative, shy, pure, loyal, submissive, peaceful.

3. You can choose colours based on the Chakra system, where different colours attract different energies.

* Red- Root Chakra- survival, stability, trust, security, safety, trust, security, physical strength, sexuality.

* Orange- Sacral Chakra- water, procreation, sensuality, creative expression, compassion, pleasure, wisdom, healing, compassion.

* Yellow- Solar Plexus Chakra- self-esteem, driving force, will-power, youth, optimism, intellect, compassionate warmth.

* Green- Heart Chakra- love, openness, self-acceptance, selflessness, empathy.

* Blue- Throat Chakra- listening, communication, expression of the self, understanding, truth, independence.

* Indigo- Third Eye Chakra- insight, imagination, intuition.

* Violet- Crown Chakra- awareness, consciousness, faith, power, connection to all beings.

4. What can I do in my waistbeads? 

Everything! You can do everything in your waistbeads. 
Prepare meals, shower, go to the sauna, exercise, lift weights, sexual intercourse, swim.
You can do everything in your waistbeads.

5. I didn't measure correctly/ I changed my mind about the length that I want. Will you be able to make adjustments?

No, I wont be able to add or take beads off a strand after completing it. Please measure -carefully- where you'd like your waistbeads to fall, just before ordering. We will not be able to facilitate any changes after your order is placed.

Your pants size and pants measurement are not adequate for your waistbeads measurement. 

6. Which finish should I take?

Let's Brace It! offers three different finishes of waistbeads. Each finish has its pros and cons, based on your interpretations of their benefits and how theu work. 

Tie-On- this is the permanent finish and the most traditional and most common of the three. The chosen type if the aim is to waist track, feel closely attached to African women of old and if working out is a part of your life. Once tied in place, you cannot remove this finish, neither can you cut to adjust.

Elastic- very sturdy- due to the high quality string that is sourced by Let's Brace It!, yet can give a small amounts of stretch. This finish can facilitate the waistbeads be put on and taken off whenever they are not needed. Many find this finish to be very comfortable as though it can be used to monitor weight journey, if there is much gain, the small stretch may produce with room for the extra pounds before getting to a point of discomfort.


Clasp- these cannot be worn forever-  the clasp option is lobster clasp which is usually strung with wire or cotton string. This is a great finish if you would like to wear huge beads, metal beads and charms, and other things on the waistbeads that would prevent or get in the way of everyday living, thus this finish is designed to be removed when needs be, without damaging the waistbeads.

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