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Which Colour(s) Should I Get? 

There is no wrong or right colour(s) to get where waistbeads are concerned.

There are different approaches that can be taken when selecting colour(s) for waistbeads. 



1. You can choose to go with your favourite colour(s). You can even assign your own intentions and meaning to the colours you choose. 

2. You can choose based on the psychology of colours;  assigning emotions or intentions that you would like to attract.

* Red- romance, passion, strength, power, aggressive. 

* Orange- warm, flamboyant, vibrant, enthusiastic.

* Yellow- hopeful, optimistic, pleasant, cheerful, intelligent.

* Blue- calm, peaceful, dependable, stable.

* Green- fresh, fertile, protected, balance, harmonious, jealous, selfish.

* Purple- royalty, wisdom, dignity, mystery, extravagant.

* Pink- sensual, romance.

* Black- power, elegance, secretive, mysterious, dominance.

* White- conservative, shy, pure, loyal, submissive, peaceful.

3. You can choose colours based on the Chakra system, where different colours attract different energies.

* Red- Root Chakra- survival, stability, trust, security, safety, trust, security, physical strength, sexuality.

* Orange- Sacral Chakra- water, procreation, sensuality, creative expression, compassion, pleasure, wisdom, healing, compassion.

* Yellow- Solar Plexus Chakra- self-esteem, driving force, will-power, youth, optimism, intellect, compassionate warmth.

* Green- Heart Chakra- love, openness, self-acceptance, selflessness, empathy.

* Blue- Throat Chakra- listening, communication, expression of the self, understanding, truth, independence.

* Indigo- Third Eye Chakra- insight, imagination, intuition.

* Violet- Crown Chakra- awareness, consciousness, faith, power, connection to all beings.

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