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Our Story


Let's Brace It! was founded in 2017 and has been a valued source of handmade, intentional waistbeads. We aim to create products that accentuate the feminine beauty; elevate self confidence & esteem, help with bringing women to be in-tuned with their sexuality, femininity and beauty and to embrace their most common troublesome area of the female body: the abdomen. 

At Let's Brace It!, we help women to embrace their waist with beautifully hand crafted waistbeads, tailored specifically to each queen. We take pride in designing and fashioning beautiful waistbeads.

Shortly after starting with waistbeads, we expanded, later in 2017, to also create anklets, bracelets, necklaces, chokers and earrings.

Let's Brace It! has since, grown to be known for quality customer service and exceptional, affordable designs and creations. We keep our clients coming back, as each interaction and purchase is not only considered clients, but a part of a family of queens who are ready to embrace themselves and their highest form of womanhood. 

​We do custom items. Much detail is used to fashion each custom piece, so to bring the requests of the client to life. 

No matter what statement you are trying to make or how you'd like to embrace yourself, you’ll be able to find intentional adornments to match and enhance it at Let's Brace It!.

​Your Beauty Is Unlimited!

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