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The Reason & The Drive

Hi queens! Welcome to my first blog post. I’m Daneia Grace-Ann Jones, founder and owner of Let’s Brace It!, through which I help women to adorn and love-on themselves with waistbeads and other beaded jewellery. I love working with beads and beautiful colours and for sure, I enjoy making use of my creative artistic mind. Like most Jamaican women, I am passionate about my race, country, and femininity. I take great pride in learning about the female body and female-related conditions. In following my heart, I have chosen the path of studying to become a Women’s Health- Naturopathic Doctor and Doula.

I am starting this blog as a means to provide information that may be quite valuable to women- especially black women. This is a platform that health professional women of colour (in the health, wellness and counselling fields) will be making blog posts on different topics within the scope of their practice and providing answers to questions you may have. The areas of focus will be Femininity, Sexuality, Health and Beauty. You will be able to comment (ask questions and share your input), like posts and interact with other women on these topics.

From my experience, a good number of our women do not know much about their bodies- due to different reasons;

  1. We do not take time to know and explore our bodies

  2. We do not invest time to research and seek knowledge on our own

  3. We are afraid to (or forget to) ask our doctors questions

  4. We cannot afford to get the help that we need/We do not have health insurance

  5. Most doctors are not patient enough to thoroughly explain so that we understand

With this blog, I aim to provide a place where we can all be ourselves: be comfortable, yet respectful of others, even if our opinions differ. My goal is to teach and get conversation going among black women, so to bring knowledge to my fellow sisters, for a better understanding of the body, mind and spirit- and ailments that women, especially black women, are more likely to be diagnosed with.

With my beautiful handmade creations and evidence based knowledge presented on these blogs, I aim to foster self-love, confidence and strong connection to our inner femininity and sexuality. These tools are ways in which I will serve my fellow sisters, mothers and daughters, and to a greater extent, our race.

Enjoy this space, and let us grow together.

Much love,

Daneia G. Jones

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