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::Daneia 2::

::Daneia 2::

Transparent, shimmery light blue beads.




We all have different goals. For many women, one such goal is to work on their body for different reasons.  
Waistbeads is one very powerful tool that Danielle Lewis has been using to both track her weight loss and to encourage her to keep pushing towards her goal. 
Danielle Lewis and Daneia Jones of Let's Brace It! have partnered to provide a collection of discounted waistbeads for women working on themselves.  

::Daneia Collection::  
1. Daneia 1- Transparent, shimmery yellow      

2. Daneia 2- Transparent, shimmery light blue
3. Daneia 3- Mix of transparent, shimmery yellow and light blue

::Danielle  Collection::      
1. Danielle 1- Transparent,  shimmery green 
2. Danielle 2- Transparent brown     
3. Danielle 3- Mix of transparent shimmery green and brown 

    C$11.00 Regular Price
    C$10.00Sale Price
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